Those ladies in your life can be hard to buy for, whether it’s your mom, your wife, fiance, girlfriend, or sister. I here to help you give her exactly what she wants!


The rule of thumb for you guys is, unless you know EXACTLY what she would like, don’t buy her clothes, shoes, or makeup. With so many varieties of products out there, you need to know the exact details of each of these items before purchasing. Even buying her a purse can be tough, what color would she like, what material does she prefer, zipper or clasp, size, etc.


Here are 10 gift ideas for the woman in your life: 

Massages or Facials:

Everyone loves a good massage and a wonderful facial! Help your lady relax by buying her a certificate to get into the best spa near you. More often than not you can drop by or call a spa to buy a gift certificate that she can use whenever she wants. Not only does a message offer relaxation but there are many health benefits.


Manicures or Pedicures:

Give her the opportunity to pamper herself! Many spas also offer manicures or pedicures as a service, this is another one you can purchase a certificate for that she can use anytime she would like. Or you can find a time when you know her schedule is cleared, call her favorite nail salon and schedule an appointment for her to get in.  


Gift Card to her favorite store:

When you’re out of ideas of what to give that woman in your life a gift card is a good idea. Find out where she likes to shop and buy a gift card so that she can purchase all of her favorite things. Not sure where she likes to shop? Start with some go to places, a popular make-up carrier like Sephora or Ulta is a good place to start. Does she get coffee or juice regularly? Buy a gift card for her favorite coffee shop or juice bar!


Wine and Chocolate:

Do you have a woman on your hands who loves a glass of wine and some artisanal chocolates to go with? Many vineyard gift shops will carry a wine selection and have chocolate to pair, you can also purchase a wine gift box online. Or you can get creative and go to a local store, pick out her favorite wine, find the best chocolates in town and create your own gift box for her.


Monogram Gifts:

Personalized gifts always adds an extra touch of love to any item. Perhaps she has an item already that she loves, you can send it to a monogram shop and have her initials stitched onto that item. I personally love Ralph Lauren so monogramming her favorite robe is a great idea OR Pottery barn has great options too.


An Experience:

Perhaps your woman likes to go out to certain places or do certain things. Maybe it’s horseback riding, attending a concert, hiking, wine tastings, dinner at a high-end restaurant. Whatever it may be,  you can give her the gift of an experience.

Plan out where it is, make the proper reservations and take her to that place, or send her off to enjoy that experience on her own. She will appreciate the thought, time and effort that went into making that experience happen for her.


A Journal or Book:

Give the gift of growth, exploration, and wisdom by finding a book that is in her lane of interest, or perhaps a subject she’s curious about. Give her a journal so that she may continue on her personal growth journey. Does she love organization and planning? Give her a planner to keep track of important dates.


Framed Picture:

Many of us go through the year with great pictures of our loved ones but never have the opportunity to frame those memories and keep them close at hand. You can have a picture of the two of you framed and hung or wrapped for her to put on her desk or nightstand.


Personalized Jewelry:

Finding a piece that she can wear every day is always a win for both of you, makes for a meaningful gift and a special accessory. Many jewelers offer sentimental charms for necklaces, bracelets, and on occasion earrings.

You can also gift her an item with her birthstone, there are an array of accessories that can replace a diamond or gemstone with a specific birthstone. You can also have an item engraved for you, either with a meaningful note or with her initials.



You can’t go wrong with flowers. My friends at the Rose Club for Men at doing a special this Valentines Day for a dozen Red Roses. They are high quality roses that are shipped to you so you can click the link right here and get the Valentines Day shopping done, no need to go to a store. Plus you can include a personalized message which makes is extra special. 

Happy shopping guys, 

Amanda Bayerle