#3 Power Couple: Creating a Lifestyle Business

The 3 dimensional Businessman

Nicholas and Amanda kick off the Power Couple Episode 3 with a whole new format! Talk all about this week’s lessons and how they have overcome the rough patches. They share with us their #1 resource for the week and give you the opportunity to join them in maximizing your monthly goals! And they cover questions that came straight from you through facebook!

Time Stamped

  • [ 01:07 ] Weekly Lessons
  • [ 03:12 ] Being Present
  • [ 05:00 ] Abundance
  • [ 07:13 ] Weekly Resource
  • [ 10:00 ] 30 Day Challenge
  • [ 11:23 ] Weekly Quotes
  • [ 13:34 ] What We Love
  • [ 17:25 ] Working Together



  • Tips to Overcome: Amanda has found that in journaling, being present, and writing everything thought down that she can overcome feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Nicholas found that in living out of an abundance mindset and using his resources he can cut out the noise and focus on the bigger picture rather than the possible mistakes to be made in the minute details, and helped him put his focus back on his mission and vision.
  • Journaling is a great way to write out what you are feeling in the moment and gives you the chance to reflect back on it later and identify where those emotions are coming from and how they are adding to or taking away from your daily life. Setting your focus on being present, rather than so zeroed in on the future, helps you solve problems in the now so that the future is better, it’ll bring you a lot more peace and give you a grounding point. When you are going throughout your day you can often be bombarded with lots of thoughts, tasks, or ideas that you may lose track of in the hustle of your daily life. When you write your thoughts, ideas, and tasks out it anchors your to-do list, provides you with extra fuel for later brainstorming sessions, and helps you articulate your ideas better.   
  • The 30 Day Challenge: Craft a challenge that is unique to you, like a 30-day journal challenge, or 30 days no alcohol challenge. When you are looking to take action in any areas of your life, many people often look from the perspective of “will this increase or decrease my status?” Many people don’t follow through with a 30-day challenge because they think it will decrease their status, based on what the majority of their peers are doing, what their environment “puts” on them, or what does or does not make them feel good. The thing about 30-day challenges is that you have nothing to lose if you follow through with it. If you do something for 30 days and don’t end up liking your results you know that it’s something you don’t want to implement permanently in your life. If you do like your results at the end of 30 days you have already put the time in to create a habit and can continue on with greater results over a longer period of time.
  • Weekly Quotes: “God doesn’t Waste Any Season.”: No matter how long your season is, time is so valuable that even God isn’t looking to was any, good or bad, long or short, it’s always an opportunity to grow. Your season isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you! For you to learn and grow and be a part of your story. // “At 18 years old you care about what everyone is thinking about them. At 40 years old you stop caring about everyone thinks about them. At 60 years old they realize that no one was even focused on them.” Not caring what people think about how you live your life gives you so much opportunity for freedom because no one is as focused on the perception of who you as you are.




Join Amanda on her 30 Day Morning Challenge, where she is jump-starting every day without hitting the snooze!