The Billion Dollar Journey

The Man • The Company • The Husband • The Father 

“It’s just as much about you as the leader, as it is about the business.”

The Story Begins

Launched BDB Podcast

The BDB Podcast made it to New & Noteworthy on iTunes. Since it's launch, the podcast has had over 400,000+ downloads featuring highly sought after guests. 

March, 2016

Launched The Billion Dollar Body Brand

Nicholas & Amanda identify a problem to solve and they both agree to focus on men only! Helping the men of this world become the leaders of their health, their wealth, and their relationships...helping them to discover the 3-Dimensional Business Men, "Creating Success without Sacrifice"

April, 2016

Nicholas Cleans His Last Carpet

Nicholas had stepped in to ease the bleeding of the family's  25 year carpet cleaning business after his dad was injured in an accident.  Working 16 hour days to make ends meet, exhausted and frustrated he decides to go ALL IN with his wife Amanda to go after their dreams...BDB or Bust!

May, 2016

Risk and Reward

The First Ever BDB LIVE 1.0

100+ Business men attend this one-of-a-kind men's only live event in San Diego. Featuring speakers like Jordan Harbinger: American Radio Personality, Ryan Michler: Host of "The Order Of Man" Podcast, and Joost Janssen: Former Navy Seal and known for his work on American Assassin (2017), 13 Hours (2016) and The Mummy (2017).

July, 2017

We Achieved Our First 6 Figure Day In Sales

Pop the champagne and celebrate!  After casting a vision, investing in high level masterminds, and working our asses off, we hit our target! Helping Men while reaping a reward makes our vision a reality. It gets even better!

July, 2017

The Creation Of The Billion Dollar Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is a community for high-level men to come together with like minds and connect through powerful masterminds.

To achieve more than ever before in business, health, and relationships with a feeling of purpose. 

The Brotherhood is where no man gets left behind. 

August, 2017

BDB Headquarters Is Established

Wow! Our very first dedicated office space with team members committed to our clients success. We are a team with a common mission.

October, 2017

Gaining Momentum

Nominated to Forbes "30 under 30" Entreprenuer

This was an honor and a sign to us that we were on the right path and the Billion Dollar Body Brand was making an impact in the lives of so many men.

Jan, 2018

Nicholas On The Cover Of Life By Design Magazine

A magazine designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. It was a real gift to be able to get interviewed and share some tips, tools and strategies with other business owners like myself.

April, 2018


Our second live event was a huge success! Word had hit the streets and we had well over 100 high level men attend. This years speakers knocked it out of the park! Alex Charfen: Building systems to scale your business, Jay Abraham: Known as The 21.7 Billion Dollar man & highest paid marketing coach, and Dr. Robert Glover: Author of "No More Mr. Nice Guy" 

2.0 was a blast as more high caliber men joined the Brotherhood.

June, 2018

Dreams Realized

Amanda & Nicholas Speak at Funnel Hacking Live

Russell Brunson asks Amanda and Nicholas to speak at FHL in front of 5,000 people. The topic? How they were able to make their mess, their message. No pressure, lol. What an amazing opportunity! 

February, 2019

Launched "The Modern Day Business Man "Book

This was 2 years in the making, and well worth the wait. It explains why Nicholas is so passionate about re-defining what it means to be successful. Laying out the process and mindset needed to become a 3-Dimensional Business Man; you can have success without sacrificing your health or your relationships. Every man should have a copy of this book!

June 1, 2019

"The Modern Day Business Man" Becomes A Best Seller!

Wow! What an exciting time here at BDB to have our book reach the "best seller" ranking, and be carried in the Barnes and Noble Book stores across America! 

July, 2019


Now with 2 successful events under our belts, 3.0 was Epic! The energy and excitement was next-level. Speakers included: Brandon Poulin: CEO and Co-Founder of LadyBoss Health & Weight Loss, Cole Hatter: Creator of Trive Make Your Money Matter Event, and Devin Wyman: Former NFL Patriots football player.

June 19, 2019

Featured in

Nicholas gets interviewed by at the annual Funnel Hacking Live Conference. Emily Richett talks to Nicholas Bayerle, CEO of Billion Dollar Body, about leveraging your most valuable resource in business: your authentic self.

September, 2019

The Billion Dollar Baby Boy Is Born

Nicholas and Amanda welcome the arrival of their first child, Kingston Paul Bayerle. Life will never be the same and they wouldn't have it any other way!

December, 2019

Embracing Change

Hit Over 70,000 Instagram Followers

Consistency has paid off once again! Our followers are amazing, coming from all over the world. We strive to offer great content that our audience will love, and its a great feeling to hear their stories of how our posts have changed their lives, their business, and their relationships.

Jan, 2020

BDB LIVE 4.0 (Virtual)

We don't need to tell you that 2020 has been a bit unusual. But that's when we entrepreneurs get to do what we do best, solve problems and hurtle obstacles. We are throwing our very first Virtual BDB Live!

Guest Speakers: Pang Joon: World’s Leading Authority In Wealth Creation Online, Russell Brunson: ClickFunnels CEO of the fastest-growing non-venture backed software company in the world. 

August 28-30, 2020

Moving BDB Headquarters to Austin, TX.

Moving to Austin hasn't been an easy decision, but we are following in some very successful footsteps...Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, and Patrick Bet-David who all moved their business to Texas. Surround yourself with the best, if you want to be the best.

September, 2020

What Men Have To Say...

"BDB Live connected me with a community that has transformed my life and allowed me to make connections that will benefit a lot of people. This event will give you access to a totally unique group that is revolutionizing business and networking."
Nicholas Mercier
Forex Trader
"Can't thank the BDB platform enough for helping me grow as, Nicholas says, a 3 Dimensional businessman. Right now I'm down almost 40lbs, thriving as being a great father for my son, and my business is scaling like I couldn't believe. It's been almost a year and I've gone 10x on monthly revenue."
Zac Jordan
"They say your network is tied to your net worth. I have been to a lot of events but non have changed my life like BDB Live. The relationships I made, have made such an impact in all areas of my life. I went from not knowing how to express myself in life to thriving in my business, health, and marriage. Throwing an event of 280 people. I can't wait for the next BDB Event
Edward Arvizo
Mortage Loans & Lending
"I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people and some of the relationships saved my dads life. If it were not for that information I was given he would probably not be alive today. I have grown my dog training company to one of the fastest growing companies in California."
Ben Davidson
Devotion to Dogs
"Nicholas facilitates breakthrough like no one I have ever seen and I am honored to work with him."
Rob Switzer
Co-Founder of Shopanova
"Working with Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle is a no brainer. Nicholas has a way of leveling the playing field, making you feel that no matter where you're at you're all at the same level.
Anton Uhl
Artist & Founder of Vital Guys