My first ever mastermind meetup has come to a close.


Oddly enough I am left with a feeling of sadness.


The motivation and desire to excel in my health, business, and relationships burns stronger than ever…


The sadness stems from being away from this community until our next meetup, because here I have felt the euphoria that comes from being in a community where you feeling loved and valued.


As I reflect on the event and my takeaways, I would love to spill out tactics and key strategies that I am going to implement because there were numerous breakthroughs this last weekend.


However, my primary takeaway is an overall feeling, a feeling of community that I haven’t felt in over a decade. I didn’t find this fulfilling sense of community in college, nor in investor meetups, or even in friend circles. This level of brotherhood is closely comparable to that of my high-school football team or family gatherings I experience as a child.


My takeaway is this overwhelming feeling of inclusion, love, and connectivity that each of the twenty-four men in attendance felt over the last 4 days…


We began with an extremely intense training conducted by two former Navy SEALS. All the walls and social barriers that we all had were shattered through the training. Income, status, and any level of fitness no longer held us back from bonding the way we did on the beach that day.


The next two days were jam-packed with value bombs…


Cole Hatter taught us how to eliminate negative presuppositions and instead implement positive trigger words that will mold our potential clients into our ideal clients.

Pat Flynn then gave us a step-by-step roadmap to start a podcast and help us realize the benefits it can bring to your business. At this point, I felt I was already equipped with the tools and knowledge to 10X my business.


The list of amazing and powerful speakers continued though.


We learned how to build a PREMIUM brand and how to charge PREMIUM prices for our products and services. Included was an easy to understand presentation on Cryptocurrency and how it will shape the world to come.


At the end of the day, it was the level of genuine interest expressed, by every single person in attendance, to one another.

That is something you can’t measure or put a price on. Connecting with people, scheduling podcast collaborations, cross promotions, and offering assistance just for the sake of helping out a fellow brother reminded me that entrepreneurship does not need to be a lonely road.


We all know how lonely, depressing, stressful, and frightening this journey can be, but I am 100% confident that every person in this tight-knit group is going to reach success.

The bond is too strong and the connections are beyond business. These will be lifelong friendships and in my opinion, a lifelong brotherhood which I can call and consider as my family.

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-Anthony Larios


Pictures from the mastermind: