Become a Social Media Mogul with Casey Adams


This week Nicholas brings on social media mogul Casey Adams. They talk about everything from new generational trends in social media businesses communicating with brands and influencers through direct messages. Casey shares with us actionable tactics in building a personal brand and offers the three key steps to take to launch your social media business card to the next level.

Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 03:57 ] Starting from the Beginning
  • [ 08:05 ] Investment
  • [ 12:10 ] Road Less Traveled
  • [ 16:17 ] Focus on the Now
  • [ 20:25 ] Personal Brand
  • [ 21:53 ] 3 Steps to Build
  • [ 26:02 ] Perception and Popularity
  • [ 34:16 ] Brand Deals
  • [ 37:04 ] Social Communication
  • [ 44:11 ] Building Empires



  • Personal branding is the most authentic perception that you are building for yourself around your life. As you are building, growing and improving within yourself, so is your perception with your audience and the story you are telling. The true value of a personal brand is that it isn’t about you it’s about the impact you can have on millions of people. Your personal brand is your social media business card.
  • The three foundational steps to take: understanding that you have to put out content on a consistent basis from the start that is congruent with the story you want to tell, many people lack in this area. You also have to use it for your audience, pay attention to the message that you are putting out to other people, have a good why: what is you’re impact, what are you trying to get across, what story are you telling. Your brand isn’t for you, it’s for your audience. You have to have the correct mindset, know that this is the long game…commit to your brand for the long term, for years to come.
  • When communicating with brands and brokering deals via social media, it’s first and foremost important to understand the value that you bring to the table, whether it’s that you have a large audience, you’re connected with people you want to work with long term…No matter what it’s important to always be authentic.