How To Go From 1 To Millions Of Followers With Juliana & Mark Spicoluk

Juliana & Mark Spicoluk are the founders of Boho Beautiful, a travel, yoga and lifestyle brand. Their mission is to create positive content for the body, mind and earth.  They have over 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube, 340k+ followers on Instagram, and have sold tens of thousands of books & programs online. In this episode, […]

Homeless To Shredded Millionaire With Miguel Aguilar

Miguel Aguilar is the CEO of a training facility known as Self Made. Miguel strives to make people believe they can become the best version of yourself. From homeless at 16, living in his car, being addicted to drugs & alcohol, to the owner of a unique personal training facility. In this episode, Miguel shows […]

The Secret To Getting Lean with Dr. Joe Klemczewski

Dr. Joe Klemczewski is a health scientist and former bodybuilder who created a wellness corporation, a fitness facility, and a sports supplement company specializing in proprietary protein formulations. In this episode, he discusses not only the differences of coming into the industry now versus back then but also touches on how he teaches his clients […]

Going From Fit2Fat2Fit with Drew Manning

Today, Nicholas interviews founder of Fit2Fat2Fit, and creator of the 60 Day Keto Jumpstart, Drew Manning. Drew opens up about his upbringing in a Mormon family of 11 children, his passion for sports, which resulted in an addiction to fitness. After noticing that people around him weren’t able to successfully lose weight, he decided to […]

How to Create Your Billion Dollar Body

In today’s episode, Nicholas sits down to talk with us about creating a Billion Dollar Body, the mindset, realization, and care required to get the best out of your body. He compares the mentalities he comes across in the health world, talks about the power of investing in yourself and give you applicable tips that […]

5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to be a status quo… The status quo of getting colds, flu’s and gaining weight during the winter/holiday season. Here are some of the things we do and recommend all of our clients to follow to ensure a thriving holiday season without gaining weight or letting sickness […]

1 Tip to Boost Testosterone

Like many people, I am always looking for ways I can boost energy naturally. This can be difficult in a world run on tons of coffee, monsters, red bulls and other artificial crap.   I’ve found that energy is a hot commodity, not only in today’s economical market but also for individual people. Energy is […]

Fast Workouts

This is for the entrepreneur, the hustler, who doesn’t have 2 hours a day to workout at the gym.   Let’s face it, sometimes working out can seem like an impossible task when you are working 12+ hours a day and have other commitments. I personally struggled with working out when I started my health […]


Intermittent Fasting .. It’s been a hot topic lately do the Viral videos on Facebook, Celebrities and Dave Asprey. However the benefits of fasting have been studied for a long time. Here are just a few of them: Your hormones that release stored fats are more accessible- being able to lose weight Gives your digestive […]

Billion Dollar Body Morning Routine

So I recently wrote a viral article on Influencive  titled “The Morning Routine to Look and Feel Like A Billion Bucks”. In the article I shared the 5 things to do every morning that are simple and fast to do. And truth be told, I am actually not super into morning routines so if I […]