Chris Beat Cancer with Chris Wark

Chris Wark

Today, Nicholas interviews cancer survivor, Chris Wark. Chris was diagnosed with colon cancer at 26 years old. Shocked and confused about it all, he was rushed into surgery. After the procedure, he was told that the cancer has spread. Being given no other options, Chris decided to take it into his own hands and begin a healthy lifestyle. Today, he is a well known author of the book, “Chris Beat Cancer.”

Timestamped Show Notes:
[02:10] Chris’ Story
[16:25] Sloppy Joe
[18:00] Nutrition Doesn’t Matter
[19:30] Future
[20:40] Intuition
[21:35] Desperation
[22:45] Answer to His Prayers
[26:15] Good News
[34:05] Warning Signs
[35:20] Pulling it Together
[36:35] Overdose on Nutrition
[38:10] *Key Takeaway*
[49:40] Quick Fix Mentality


  • Money is no fun when you’re dead.
  • Make your health a priority so you can enjoy the money too.
  • Eating a raw food diet helps prevent cancer.
  • Eating foods that have hormones in them can actually cause cancer cells to develop.

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