How to Keep and Grow Your Client Base with Jay Abraham


Today Nicholas talks with BDB Live 2.0 Speaker, Jay Abraham, who is a top mentor and consultant to high-level entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins. They talk about the value you should have in your clients, being preemptive, and understanding value creation.  

Timestamped Notes:

  • [ 02:18 ] Attraction
  • [ 07:21 ] Human Condition
  • [ 10:36 ] Selling Product
  • [ 14:27 ] Customers vs. Clients
  • [ 17:13 ] Value Creation
  • [ 20:11 ] Interaction and Education
  • [ 26:51 ] Impact and Greatness
  • [ 36:13 ] Message
  • [ 40:00 ] The Process
  • [ 48:19 ] The Assets



  • Be obsessed with being a multiplier, not a diminishing look to make everyone around be better off because your business is in their lives. Grow and develop your team and focus on making value-based contributions to your market. Be preeminent in your business and personal life, live at higher strata. Manifest greatness, don’t look to be iconic but be committed to living a life that is truly meaningful, live with dignity. It is only possible to be seen as the most trusted advisor in any aspect of your life by first being willing to have a rich and authentic perspective. You need to be able to listen, hear and interact with people in the business and marketplace. So many people are driven mad with goals, fear, visions, and aspirations but can’t verbalize it. If you can verbalize your dreams you can express it clearly to your team and clients.
  • Everything in your product should have a superior outcome. You have a moral obligation and responsibility to the people you interact with because you have the vision of the greater impact on the lives you are encountering. If you can’t live in a future paced world you are too linear. Learn easy ways to relate to your clients, find metaphors and analogies that they will relate to and that will relate to the product. Don’t fall in love with your business, job, career, or company. Fall in love with the people you are serving and impacting.
  • You don’t deal with customers. The definition of a customer is: “Someone who buys a product, service, or commodity.” If you refer to people as a customer you are negating, settling for average, you are saying that you are a generic and transactional company, you’re no better than anyone else. A client is defined as, “Someone under the care and protection of another who is concerned for their well being.” When you have clients you make sure they are aware of every benefit you are offering them, you have a responsibility to make your clients the best they can be.