10 Reasons Every Man Needs a Health/Fitness Coach to Breakthrough in Business, Relationships, and Life

Have you ever wondered why people have coaches?

I know I did in the start of my journey towards health and success.

When I was 17 years old I was depressed, overweight, and out of shape.

Thankfully, I was able to follow a simple meal plan which resulted in me losing 53 pounds within 6 months.

However, I flipped flopped in my health and fitness for years because I had no coach helping me along the way. (I thought I had to be shredded to hit the gym so I was too scared to step foot in one, stupid I know!)  

Then when I turned 19 I decided…enough was enough!

I was going to get a nutritionist and personal trainer to teach me the ways and hold me accountable.

This experience not only led to me to knowing what I was capable of doing when I have someone coaching me, but I also met and married the woman of my dreams.

Since then, I still have that same coach that I check-in to make sure I am growing everyday (not to mention my wife is a health expert that doesn’t let me settle for mediocrity )

I’m providing you 10 reasons why every man needs a health/fitness coach to see breakthrough in their business, relationships, and life  

  1. You have never been coached by someone who sees your true potential-

A true coach can SEE more inside of you than you can. They can see your strengths, and they can see your weakness’. A coach’s main goal is to improve your weakness’ so you can produce bigger results. They will help you discover your strengths so that you can achieve far more than you ever thought was possible. Everyone knows health is our greatest wealth but why are people investing only in other things?  From the place they live, the car they drive, the TV they watch, and their business.  Once we realize that nothing can be achieved if we do not have our health, and that our bodies are worth more than a Billion Dollars, we can then start to take care of them, value them, and invest in them differently.

“Your greatest return on investment will be the investments you make in yourself”, Nicholas Bayerle.

2. Everyone needs an outside perspective – 


This is something I learned quickly when we started training a few Professional Golfers. I started playing golf with them and realized they all had coaches, but I was not taking things as seriously as them so I thought I would pass on getting the lessons. I realized things could change in a hurry and the swing that you had yesterday could completely disappear and you could start hitting the ball in directions you would have never imagined.

When I started hitting the ball like crap, I could not tell if I was doing anything different, because I couldn’t see outside of myself but my pro golfer friends could. It felt like I was doing the exact same thing as the day before, but I was producing a way different result. Their outside perspective could tell I was doing something different. Bad habits can form when changes go unnoticed. Moral of the story is, if you don’t have someone making sure that you are doing the right things every day, and making sure you stay on track, then you will go through WAY more challenges, and end up with bad habits that will be hard to correct. If Lebron James needs a coach, and Tiger Woods needs a coach, then you do too if you want to dominate at this thing called life.

5313. Even the strongest man needs someone to keep them accountable to their goals-

Darren Hardy says, 

“I have always found it interesting that the most successful people, the top performers, are the ones willing to hire and pay for the best coaches. It pays to invest in your performance”.

The strongest men in the world know to invest in a coach if they want to be the best. Arnold Schwarzenegger had only a few goals in life, though they were huge he knew he could not achieve them on his own. First, was bodybuilding, he accredits his success to the coaches he had. Second, being in movies, guess what? Same story. Third, running for office as governor of California, again he attributes his success to his coaches. Only weak men want to figure it out on their own, which will always keep them weak, the strongest men get stronger by hiring the best coaches.

4. When men solve a problem and overcome a challenge, they get high on life –


DUDE! When was the last time there was a problem, or a challenge and you either figured it out, or came out on top? Those decisions we make on a whim and the stars align…those are the moments we DREAM of as men, they make us come alive. Having a coach enforces that you are always overcoming obstacles, and crushing challenges while making sure you actually take a second to celebrate your wins. These things will keep your dopamine levels high, making life more enjoyable, and allowing you to accomplish more.  

Mens testosterone is released when men solve problems. Dr. John Gray says his in book, The Mars and Venus Diet and Exercise Solution,  

“increase testosterone releases endorphins in his brain, and as you know more endorphins augment his well being.”


5. Living a disciplined life in your health and fitness makes you more disciplined in business and life- 


How you do one thing is how you do everything, right? Life and business have 1 thing in common, they require other people! Which means there will always be ups and downs. The amazing thing about health is that it just requires you pushing yourself every day on the right things to produce a result. That means health can be your training ground to push yourself, be disciplined, committed, and accomplish things without anything standing in your way.

Because, “commitment is doing what you said you were going to do long after the feeling you said it in has passed.” If you execute on the things you don’t feel like doing, but you committed to in your health, you will do those same things in Business and in life… And on the other hand, if you can not do these things, even when nobody is stopping you besides yourself, that will leak over into your life and business. This will causing you to cripple your happiness, and results.


6. Your mental toughness goes through the roof when you are being coached –


When your coach can see more potential in you than you can, you can push yourself to new limits. You then have major breakthroughs in your health, relationships, and business than you ever have before. On the days you feel like giving up, your coach is there to encourage you to keep going. Those are the days that really count. Just like in sports, championships are not won on their best nights, they are won on the most challenging nights.

7. Winning in your health first thing in the morning sets you up for success in the day –


The majority of men value 3 things no matter what… their health,  relationships, and a business/income that can support those who he loves. Out of those 3 things, the only one that impacts all of them at one time…is Health. Think of creating a healthy morning routine like a domino effect to a great day. A coach can help create this routine as well as hold you accountable to it.

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8. You feel more focused and productive –


When you wake up and start with wins in your health you will feel more productive, energized, and focus. The good thing about health is that you are the one who controls it, nobody can stop you from breathing, drinking, sleeping, eating, and working out. So when you can get momentum in those areas it causes you to be more productive in other areas of life. Not to mention optimizing your breathing, hydration, sleep, nutrition, and exercise is proven to make you more focused, productive, and happy. Its no wonder that the most successful high performers make health a priority (Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk are just a few examples)

9. A man’s energy goes through the roof –

When you have momentum of breakthrough after breakthrough your energy levels sky rocket. Not to mention being powered with good fuel! A good health coach knows what your body needs and feeds it to perform. You have to think, your body re-creates itself on a daily, monthly, and yearly based out of the things you are fueling yourself with. Do you want to be made up of cheap, quick and fast-foods? Or do you want to be treated like a high level machine? A good coach will help you create a meal plan out of the food that your body needs to operate at optimal performance.


10. You become a true leader that others want to follow-


When you are full of energy, confidence, and you’re getting what you want out of life, others look to you as someone to model. You create the body, mindset, and lifestyle that others want to have, and become someone that others want to follow. I’ve heard the older men in my life say things like “Be the man you want your kids to grow up to be” or “Be the man you want your daughter to marry” and that’s the truth. Studies have shown that your external body is what other’s judge you on, it may be the only evidence they see. When you look fit, others will follow you over the man who isn’t taking care of himself. Put your body as a top priority and see the ripple effect.


Men, this all comes down to the cold hard reality that you don’t have to do this on your own. Whether you’ve played sports, acted, or are a musician…you have had coaches in your life to help you improve on that skill.

Getting fit and healthy is a skill that my wife and I have dedicated our lives to mastering.

We have had massive success in our own lives and have taught/coached over 500 people to also achieve their health/fitness goals.

It’s our passion to share our experience and knowledge with others that are ready to finally take control of their health.

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Nicholas Bayerle