An entrepreneur at heart and a fan of all things natural because of a skin condition, Jack Haldrup started Dr. Squatch Soap Co. , an all natural soap company. His mission is to offer transparency to the men’s personal care market by providing high-quality natural alternatives to everyday products.

In today’s episode Nicholas Bayerle talks with Jack Haldrup about breaking out of the corporate realm and diving into entrepreneurship.

We get to hear about Jack’s mission and vision of helping men through honest and natural skin care options. Jack also shares the “why” behind his business and that everything starts with purpose, knowing why you are doing what you are doing. He says it can change over the years, but if your purpose is strong enough it will drive you through any obstacles.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 2:45 Jack talks about his early entrepreneur dreams and education
  • 3:41 Jack discusses his time working in a corporate setting and the eventual burn out.
  • 6:34 A pivotal moment for Jack was on a flight from LA to Chicago.
  • 7:30 Jack shares where his motivation and inspiration came from.
  • 9:22 Your consumer knowledge can be turned into an opportunity.
  • 9:42 Partnering with manufacturers offers a hands on experience.
  • 10:15 Jack shares how he built and cultivated basic skill to keep his business simple.
  • 11:25 By making big commitments in the early stages, Jack has seen a big payoff as his business has grown.
  • 14:21 When Jack found a healthy balance he was able to aspect of his life.
  • 16:52 Jack talks about the importance of a mission driven company.
  • 18:37 Marketing in the Skincare industry.
  • 23:42 The Importance of a vision for your company’s future.
  • 25:29 Facing issues in your industry and adding value to your company.
  • 29:35 Understanding your purpose and your “why”, having a driving force.                                                                           


  1. Most important first step in transitioning into entrepreneurship is to act on your dreams and goals.
  2. As you go you will have opportunities to act on so; act fast and ask questions later.
  3. Entrepreneurship is about innovating, you can problem solve as you go.
  4. Be mission driven and know your “why”, the stronger your reasons the more likely you will be to push through every obstacle.

Resources Mentioned:

  • The Four Hour Work Week

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