How to Get Your Dream Car with Pejman Ghadimi


For today’s episode, Nicholas sits down with Pejman Ghadimi, the founder of the secret entourage. Pejman has a company that does over 40 million annually, several other companies, has written 11 books and consults on exotic car purchases. Pejman has gone from a VP banker to a multimillion dollar business owner.     

Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 02:40 ] Business Process and Talents.
  • [ 09:40 ] Who is an Entrepreneur?
  • [ 11:57 ] Transitions.
  • [ 16:11 ] Applying Your Learned Skills.
  • [ 20:04 ] Learning with What You Have.
  • [ 23:28 ] Mentors
  • [ 28:11 ] Exotic Car Hacks.
  • [ 37:46 ] Finding Purpose.



  • When you realize what your talent or skill is, the area in which you excel above most who try the same thing, you have the opportunity to find various angles and make decisions to build your life around that talent. The vehicles in which you take that talent to people is nothing more than the way to execute or share, your talent is always the core, it’s just a matter of adapting and evolving to experience and maintain success. Good long-term businesses are built off of talent, new verticals are built off of recycled resources.
  • Entrepreneurship isn’t tied to your job or type of business, however, there is also a difference between business ownership, self-employment, and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs look to create social change and social impact, their solution being creating building a scaling a business in order to jumpstart their social influence.
  • You can learn by paying attention, using what you have, your eyes and ears. Pay attention and observe what’s happening around you, who is successful, be curious and ask questions. No matter what you do you have your eyes and ears, this gives you an opportunity to advance every single day. Own the process and your role. In whatever you do and if you do it well, staying alert and aware during that process you will learn and consume a lot of information, once you consume information you’re role is to process it and then ask further questions to enhance your curiosity. We invest so much time looking for channels of learning when we are the ultimate channel, we just need to optimize ourselves to be able to consume information properly without forcing it down on ourselves.