Entrepreneurship is Funny with Tommy Berretz


Today Nicholas brings on comedian and businessman, Tommy Berretz. Tommy was not only BDB Live EMCE last year, but he will also be a speaker at BDB Live 2.0. Tommy has built,  exited, and sold at a profit, a multi seven figure business, now helping other people do the same thing. Among the many other things Tommy has done, he’s also made it a priority to pursue his passions, like the comedic arts and building self-running businesses as an entrepreneur!  

Time Stamped Notes:

  • [ 02:49 ] Building Businesses that are Self Sufficient.
  • [ 05:00 ] Pursuing Your Passions.
  • [ 08:06 ] Exiting and Sell a Business.
  • [ 12:00 ] Practical Steps to Have More Success.
  • [ 14:30 ] Investing in Coaches.
  • [ 20:15 ] Vision.
  • [ 23:15 ] Progressing in Your Passions.
  • [ 30:15 ] Do What You Want.



  • A lot of people close to you are going to think that pursuing your personal passions is illogical. Don’t stop chasing your dreams to live a “practical” life. Instead use what is in your arsenal, skill sets you’ve already cultivated and trades you’ve learned to help you get ahead and then pursue your dreams. At some point you have to ask yourself, “If I had to do what I am currently doing for the rest of my life would I be disappointed and upset, or dissatisfied with the rest of my life?” If the answer is anywhere near yes, you should take a look at and evaluate the direction you are heading in your current job, career, business, etc. In order to find a way to pursue the things that you are actually passionate about. Don’t let your fear hold you back, stop listening to other people and start listening to yourself and trusting your inner voice.
  • In anything you want to do in life, you want to emulate the best, and the best, in any industry, invest in coaches. A truly good coach is there to push you past you’re potential, even when you don’t think you can do it. You coach is there to tell you the things you need to do to get ahead and to reinforce your training day in and day out. You need to have a coach, mentor, mastermind group to provide you with support. Remember, as coach John Wooden says, “The Best Time to Learn is When You Think You Know It All.”
  • Use what you know now to get what you want. Many people work for other businesses and they could be very successful entrepreneurs. They are instead settling for stability in a job that they don’t like, don’t want to grow with, and don’t have a vision for. As long as you are growing the skills you have, even if you aren’t using them in your dream job right now, you can use them to help make a profit that can later fund your exit to make a profit doing your dream job is.