Choose Hard Work Over Talent with Jordan Harbinger


Today Nicholas talks with Jordan Harbinger a top podcaster on the international platform. They talk about everything from the desire to be universally liked to developing your interests and skill sets to be better at the things you love.  


  • [ 01:03 ] Universally Liked.
  • [ 07:39 ] Motivation Changing.
  • [ 13:26 ] Giving up the Good for the Great.
  • [ 21:00 ] Entrepreneurial Learning Curve.
  • [ 26:57 ] Relationships and Business.
  • [ 30:00 ] Becoming Interested.
  • [ 36:38 ] Podcast.
  • [ 43:13 ] Skill Sets.
  • [ 50:30 ]  


  • Be aware that the symbols and motivators that you had when you were younger will not always drive you. You are supposed to outgrow them because you are growing. When you create you will soon arrive at a point when that creation is done and complete. A brand is something that you constantly grow with, within that brand you create smaller things that you will grow apart from as you’re brand grows and changes.
  • If you are feeling unhappy in your business, it is in part normal because every business has its ups and downs. However, if you are continually in a downward spiral you need to reevaluate what is going on. Find the things you like to do, the areas you can thrive, what you’re weaknesses are. Don’t be afraid to test yourself. You may think you don’t like teaching but find that what you truly don’t like is what you are teaching, and instead when you are teaching something you love you enjoy teaching and are in fact very good at it.