How to Build 26 Successful Businesses with Dan Fleyshman

The 3 dimensional Businessman (6)

Today, Nicholas interviews Dan Fleyshman. Dan gets real with us about his no BS success mentality. He shares with us how he had to tap into his confidence out of a survival necessity, and how that paired with the humility of working amongst the homeless have helped him maintain his determination to be successful.


  • [ 03:31 ] Confidence Out of Necessity
  • [ 05:10 ] 10 Weeks to Hit Year 1 Projections
  • [ 08:51 ] Fake Busy
  • [ 12:36 ] Going All In
  • [ 14:55 ] Staying Humble
  • [ 19:57 ] Failure Vs. Success
  • [ 22:52 ] Curated Partners
  • [ 27:10 ] Actions Speak
  • [ 34:47 ] High-Level Community
  • [ 38:17 ] Adding Value
  • [ 41:30 ] The One Thing



  • If you make 30 dollars an hour at your job and you can spend $10-$15 hours to have someone else do a time sucking task for you in order to free up time to make more money and invest your time better. Maximize your time during the weekdays and save your hobbies for the weekend. Many people are so overwhelmed with being fake busy because they a putting time into meaningless tasks, social media scrolling, or other nonsense. If you have a full time job save your weekends for you’re side hustle, Saturday and Sunday are a great time to invest in your side hustle.  
  • We all know one person who rather than taking action just talks, every year that person will tell about the great thing they should’ve could’ve done. When you are an action taker you have the idea, you create a name, you buy the domaine, create social media handles across all social media, build your website, order product, capture pictures for social media posts, and create an online store to sell that product. Taking action is what holds people back. You can do everything for a couple $100 bucks and get a jump start on your ideas and turn concepts into businesses in a night.
  • Have an obsession for the process, the beginning, the during, and the after. Get excited about the game of building, testing, failing, and doing well. Have Fun. Curate who you will get involved with in business in order to be successful. Once you start to know the games, the tricks, and the background in building and scaling businesses you will find that you can remove the risk for failures.