How To Crush It On Amazon with Brian Burt

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Brian Burt is an expert with Amazon. In this episode, Brian teaches tricks and tips on crushing it on Amazon and how to convert viewers into customers.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[6:00] Stepping Stones Of Business For Brian

[12:51] Growing Up

[19:19] Giving Up Your Baggage

[23:34] Separating Your Feelings

[29:38] Starting On Amazon

[36:31] Branding And Good Products

[39:14] Success In The Amazon Space

[46:42] Getting Traffic To Your Product

[52:12] Taking Your Business Online And Offline



  1.  Entrepreneurialism can help you get that sense of control that you feel you need.
  2. You’ve got 2 choices, you either fold or you fight.
  3. You have to learn how to control your negative feelings and use it for the better.
  4. The thing you need for a high conversion rate is to make sure you have high-quality images and good reviews



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