How to Master Your Strengths with Peng Joon

wednesday (2)

In today’s episode Nicholas sits down with Peng Joon and there are so many epic takeaways. Peng and Nicholas talk about focusing on your strengths while shying away from You’re Weaknesses, Peng shares how he has produced tens of millions of dollars without hopping on any sales calls. He has spoken on many stages with thought leaders like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson and so many more!


  • [ 01:21 ] Living Out of a Suitcase
  • [ 02:21 ] Tony Sanders, a Pen Name
  • [ 10:18 ] Mastering Your Market
  • [ 16:26 ] The Equation for Success
  • [ 22:34 ] Building with Focus
  • [ 28:10 ] Bombing for Success
  • [ 33:57 ] Results are What You Make
  • [ 41:14 ] Scaling



  • Go into a market that actually matters to you. went to a market that actually made, that made me excited every single day. And I think that many times when people start an online business, they go into a market where they think it’s a great market because it makes them money. Then take a look at every single market, no matter how crazy you think that market is. Understand that right now in today’s world there is somebody that’s crushing it, making millions of dollars from it. No matter how weird you think that market is or even if it was a serious market like real estate or investing a four x, the truth is there is somebody in the market that has it figured out, figured out in terms of what the funnels look like in terms of the price point in front, in terms of the offer, in terms of the traffic, where to buy traffic from, how the ads look like, and now it’s just about starting off and using that as a benchmark. Lots of copy, but to model what works so that you can separate and differentiate yourself from that offer. That’s making millions of dollars online and that would be the next.
  • Practice. I think we’ve got to understand that most people who look at someone who has mastered a certain skill look at them as Person who has mastered it because of genetics or this person was born with this gift, this talent. Most people only look at a result and say, ah. But the truth is in entrepreneurship, every single skill set, including speaking is a learnable, trainable skill. All you have to ask yourself is, “are we willing to be bad at something in order to be good at something?” The truth is, if you accept that struggles and failures are just part of the success equation, then that’s how you can get past that initial hurdle of being bad at something. If you want to sell them stages, understand that right now all it takes is practice.
  • What’s our end goal? Once you know that you will see that it means underneath that umbrella it would be things like wanting facebook ads, social media, speaking, closing, running live events. All that we’re putting out there today is based upon that belief. We aren’t going to spend our time and focus bullying up things even if it could potentially generate an additional six figures because I know for sure the one thing that is costing my business is focused, is losing focus. There are many times when I thought like this would be a great way to make more money. When a person is starting out and you’ve got bills to pay, it could be very enticing too, you know, want to do that thing that makes you a couple thousand dollars million, pay off the bills. Know that long-term that is not sustainable because as long as we’re focused on tactics and not a strategy, it’s going to be really tough to scale and evolve because tactics and platforms will always change over time.