Become Keto and Do What You Love with Yemeni Mesa

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In today’s episode, Nicholas talks with Yemeni Mesa about how you can transform your health as an entrepreneur while having more confidence and energy to do what you love. Yemeni has helped grow high-quality food companies, currently involved with Know Foods a Keto conscious company offering tasty healthy options. 


Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 03:06 ] The Back Story
  • [ 05:34 ] Health Journey
  • [ 10:42 ] Passion Uniting with Business
  • [ 16:10 ] Morning Routine
  • [ 22:15 ] Ketogenics and Biohacking.
  • [ 28:56 ] Biomes and Tests.
  • [ 34: 33] Know Foods.
  • [ 39:11 ] Mission.



  • 3 Day Reset Fast: Water only, disposing of comforts and things that have become a crutch. Only keeping the necessary things that you need to survive. You can include meditation and journaling. Goal and Purpose: To reset your body, rest discipline, helps you become in tune and aware of the things that get in the way of your productivity throughout the day.
  • By keeping your carbs low for too long you suppress insulin and other hormones that go into the fat burning process. An occasional glucose or insulin spike bring other hormones up with it helping in the fat burning process. The whole concept of cheat days can actually be beneficial if observed correctly.