The Key to Having a Great Love Life with Dr. Robert Glover


Today Nicholas talks with Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy, and a BDB Live 2.0 speaker. Dr. Glover is a relationship expert, having trained men in saying no to being a Nice Guy. He talks about his personal experience of saying no more to being Mr. Nice Guy and how to have a great love life.


Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 02:35 ] Backstory.
  • [ 05:53 ] No More Mr. Nice Guy.
  • [ 13:00 ] Who is a nice guy?
  • [ 16:13 ] Men as Leaders.
  • [ 23:12 ] Attracting Women.
  • [ 29:54 ] Unmarketing.
  • [ 33:28 ] Divorce.
  • [ 45:09 ] Embrace the Moment and The Person You are With.
  • [ 56:02 ] Failing Forward.



  • There is a worldwide men’s movement that is growing and gaining traction, men’s are wanting to be better and grow personally so that they can improve their relationships and then their overall lives. Men are seeking answers by being vulnerable and putting themselves out there. Men want to feel masterful.
  • Nice guys have the temperament to be easy going and a desire to make people happy. However where that temperament goes wrong is in wanting to become who they think people want them to be and denying aspects of themselves that they think will receive a negative reaction from others.
  • Look to ascertain what is wrong in a situation before someone else has to do it for you. Look at it as dancing, men lead. You don’t have to lead all the time, but it is your job to be the leader. A relationship is about reciprocity, the woman will reciprocate the tone you set with your leadership.
  • When you are being your authentic self you have no competition when you are just meeting a woman be you and if she likes you it will be easier to maintain your relationship.