Live Like A Navy Seal with Joost Janssen


Joost Jansen was a former Navy SEAL. After leaving special operations, he started working in Hollywood as a trainer, military adviser, stunt performer, and actor.

In this episode, Nicholas gives a sneak peek into a training Joost did. Take a listen and see why you should join the BDB Club to get access to exclusive trainings.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[3:23] Thriving Through Hardship

[7:02] Yamen Story Part 1

[14:10] Going Through Navy Seal Hell Week

[20:32]  Seal Training That Translate To The Rest Of Your Life

[25:07] Your “Why” Is Irrelevant

[27:30] Experience In Seal Training


  • View mistakes and failure as learning experiences. If you learn from it, you should take it as a very positive thing.
  • Make a decision before you show up, when you’re in your right state of mind
  • Don’t lie to yourself, it creates a negative pattern.
  • Identify what is in your control and what is not.
  • Get out of the small ponds, the competition is fierce in small ponds. When you reach high, the competition fades. If there is competition, it is more of a cooperation.
  • Forgive yourself, we all make mistakes and move on
  • The biggest fear people have is the fear of the unknown so you have to face it and go after it.
  • The minute you verbalize something, you give it power whether it is positive or negative.


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