Navy Seal Secrets to Overcoming Challenges with Brent Loyd


Today Nicholas talks with BDB Elite Member, close friend, and Navy Seal Brent Loyd. Brent shares his story and transformation that he’s gone through in becoming a Navy Seal, imparting the mindset he’s built in overcoming adversity through knowledge and breakthrough.



  • [ 02:58 ] Starting with a Success Mindset
  • [ 06:25 ] Passions from Pressure
  • [ 10:17 ] Sucked into the Gun
  • [ 15:44 ] The Mindset of a Navy Seal
  • [ 22:15 ] Adversity
  • [ 33:00 ] Ego
  • [ 38:00 ] Boundaries and Accountability
  • [ 42:00 ] Always Growing



  • After dealing with chronic stress many people will find that their body will take the tool on every body system, it’s a problem in the world at large. We need to address and deal with high threat environments and traumatic stress, offering high-end treatment and discarding misdiagnosis to deal with the real and underlying issues founded in many mental health ailments. We as people need to know what the right resources are to go to get help and get back into serving in your strengths and purpose.
  • When you are feeling overwhelmed, need to recenter, or are looking to renew your focus you can reset your “dial” through breathing exercises and slowing down your physiological response, mediating, refueling your body with nourishing food.
  • The mindset of a Navy Seal: The first step is to solidify your purpose and being willing to test it and yourself. Every time you test your true purpose you will further solidify and ground yourself in your purpose. Then you have to follow through with action, develop good habits, invest in mentors, and pushing yourself, proving that you always have more in you. Be willing to network with the right people, effectively communicate, and come up with positive solutions.