Need Business Clarity? with Steve Olsher

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Steve Olsher went from owning his own nightclub at the age of 20 and being the co-founder of to creating several multimillion-dollar companies from scratch.

Steve now tries to guide people towards making both a fortune and a difference sharing your message with the world.

In this week’s podcast listen to Steve discuss why everyone should have a motivation to do bigger and better things with their lives and why you should have clarity on what you want and what you want to give in life.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[2:02] Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made? 

[5:02] Having Clarity

[8:30] The Worth Of Money

[12:05] Motivation To Go Bigger

[16:57] Having Everything Fail

[27:53] Moving Into The Podcasting Space

[37:02] Using All Show Sizes As Leverage



  1.  Motivation is key. Find something that continuously puts fire in your soul.
  2.  There’s a number of things that impact how you feel especially as men when you feel like you’re the primary breadwinner 
  3.  Podcasting is the most impactful way to get your message out there because people are more likely to not get distracted when listening
  4. No matter the size of the podcast that your being interviewed on, it’s like the equivalent to having access to thousands of free stages to get your message on.



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