The Power of Belief with Russell Brunson


Today Nicholas shares his interview with Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels founder and host of Funnel Hacking Live. They talk about the opportunities that come with being a high-level influencer, how to be faith focused without judgment, and what responsibilities drove them both to their passions. Russell shares personal stories and experiences he’s had throughout his entrepreneurial journey, from family life, faith, to failing business and his health.


Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 02:41 ] Social Media Influencing
  • [ 06:44 ] Faith in Business
  • [ 11:38 ] Balancing Mixed Views
  • [ 14:54 ] Passion in the Hard Times
  • [ 19:38 ] Responsibilities
  • [ 23:48 ] Roadblocks
  • [ 27:52 ] Lack of Support
  • [ 35:30 ] Belief
  • [ 38:29 ] Health Impacts all Areas
  • [ 41:13 ] Failing
  • [ 46:10 ] Funnel Hacking Live



  • “I’m not going to judge anyone else because I struggle with so many things in life.” Everyone’s got their own thing and like all we need to care about in the faith side of businesses is how we can actually change people’s lives. That is what business is all about that. It’s not about making money. Most entrepreneurs when they start that’s their motivation. However they don’t last long, it’s hard to stay in business because the motivation for money goes away really quick. It’s the people who start serving other people, seeing some success and then seeing lives changed. You have to shift your focus to that service mentality. That’s what faith is, it’s serving and helping other people. It doesn’t matter what sins any of us have, we all have issues. But when you know that your mission here is to change other people’s lives, that’s when entrepreneurs are able to have an effect.
  • The biggest component to success is belief. Sometimes we may not know what our ideas or visions will look like but when you have a belief you know that no matter what those dreams will come to fruition and you will see success. When you have a belief you are able to inspire people to join you in that dream even when everyone around them is telling them to take a step back. I think that’s the biggest thing is actually believing. I think when people get stuck is because they’re, I think this will work and that that’s why you, that’s why you don’t quite go all the way. It’s where you don’t quite finished the shot or do the thing or whatever it is because like I think, I think it’ll work. You get to like absolute belief in the certainty that’s going to work and then you do that. You just smashed through the thing. And so, um, that’s, that’s the biggest is just believe in like again, if I can give everyone, like, just believe this has worked, believe it’s true believer you can, whatever it is. Like as soon as you believe it, everything becomes really, really easy.
  • David Mckay said that no success can compensate for failure in the home. And so for me, I look at that. That’s the root foundation of success is what your home looks like. So how do you treat your wife, how you treat your kids, how like what does that relationship looks like because you have success in the world’s view, but if your home is destroyed then you know, what was the, what was the point of it? I’m looking at people who have amazing families who were married, who have good relations with their spouse or their kids, things like that because that’s success for me.

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