Quarantine Business Strategies with James Friel

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This week’s episode comes from a live we did with James Friel in our Billion Dollar Brotherhood Facebook group.  

James Friel has consulted companies and built the systems of companies like ClickFunnels. Not only does he help companies build systems and processes to make them bulletproof, he also creates bulletproof business people as well. From optimizing your business to what you personally need to to become optimized.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[0:07] Getting Yourself Dialed In

[7:01] The Importance Of Integrity

[11:11] Weather The Storm

[17:29] Don’t Be Lazy In Your Business When Times Are Good

[22:51] Invest In Things That Are Going To Help You

[29:39]  Starting The Systems To Be Bulletproof

[36:56] Reach And Ad Cost WIth More Views On Feeds

[41:07] Tips On How To Adapt In A Shaken Industry



  1.  Stay on your game, stay at your best and it’ll help you maintain your focus.
  2. If you’re not taking care of yourself it means that you don’t really have a high value of yourself either.
  3. There are always going to be opportunities to benefit.
  4. Be clear on the 5 core areas in your business to make sure you’re attending to them. 
  5. You can never understand the people that you’re serving too well



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