Shawn Stevenson from the Model Health Show is our guest today on The Billion Dollar Body.

In this episode we get into Shawn’s story from struggling in his health and not being able to workout to where he is today, fit and healthy.

Shawn was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease which shook him up to find a cure, to go against the diagnosis and fix it.

His biggest struggle was to sleep because he was in so much pain.. and of course the doctors put him on pills to help him sleep but it wasn’t working.

Now with a best selling book, “Sleep Smarter”, and his top rated  podcast “The Model Healthy Show” he has helped thousands of people improve their sleep naturally.

In this episode we chat about the Placebo Effect, Movement, Testosterone, Sleep, and so much more.


Shawn shares some key topics around Testosterone:

  • The symptoms of low testosterone for men and women
  • What estrogen dominance is and how to overcome in it
  • What estrogen foods men should cut out right now
  • How to detox and the right way to do it

He goes into the WHAT of testosterone and why men need the proper amount of it.

A few of the ways he says you can boost it naturally is: 

  1. Increasing your exposure to the sun on your back and chest
  2. Getting good quality sleep
  3. Eating a good ratio of carbs since high carb diets will lower T
  4. Doing functional heavy movements like deadlifts and squats

This is a must listen to episode if you want optimum nutrition.

We get into the meat and share things you probably have never heard more.

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Cheers to looking and feeling like a billion bucks,
Nicholas Bayerle

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