How to Become a Successful Millennial with Rob Fajardo


In today’s episode, Nicholas talks with Rob Fajardo, host of the Leave Normal Behind TV Show. Rob has helped companies like Red Bull master their message on social media, making them an influencer. Rob gives us tips to market on social media, organically build in followers, as well as gain massive influence.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [ 4:54 ] Question Based Problem Solving
  • [ 7:25 ] Content Creators and Value
  • [ 11:30 ] 4 Stages of Human Development.  
  • [ 13:30 ] Influencer Competence in Branding.
  • [ 23:10 ] Building a Following.
  • [ 27:31 ] Commitment and Accountability.
  • [ 32:08 ] Limiting Beliefs.
  • [ 37:55 ] Masterclass.


  • How do I become someone that has influence? Question-based problem solving is important because the people that are doing the best in their life have removed emotions from their problem solving and are instead solving problems with questions. “What do I want? What do I have now? What do I need to do?” Being question based as an influencer gives you the opportunity to seek out the value you have to offer to others that they can buy into. A lot of companies wrap up a good message in poor product.
  • Create content around the things that you already know, this way you don’t leave influence or money on the table. How can you ever expect anyone to know what you know if you aren’t giving them the opportunity because you aren’t creating the content to share what you know, your experiences, and add value.
  • Unconscious incompetence: Unaware of you’re incontinence. Consciously Incompetent: Aware of where you are incompetent and undedicated. Your success may not mean as much because you know that you could do more to make your success better. Conscious Competence: Consciously aware of becoming more competent. Unconsciously Competent: Who you are and what you do is streamlined that your competence comes effortlessly.
  • A personal brand is your name, what you post on Facebook, Instagram, any form of social media is your personal brand content. Now you have to ask yourself if you are going to put effort into this, are you going to be competent. Repurpose what you learn, read and consume, what it is and how it makes you feel. You don’t have to create content from scratch, you can use anything that inspires you and reuse it. Share strategies that have helped you in your own business. Reframe your mindset, content is happening to you all day, film it while it’s happening, document it, share it.



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