Today we hear from former Navy Seal, Joost Jansen, as he speaks at The Billion Dollar Body Live Event. Joost talks about cultivating your motivation and inspiration, conquering both emotional and physical pain, facing fears, thriving, and having a purpose when facing obstacles.

Joost puts comfort and fear on a spectrum and discusses the ideal mindset to live in as you continue to stay focused and motivated in all areas of life.


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Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [ 3:58 ]  Inspiration and Motivation are very unreliable, but they are great tools if used correctly.
  • [ 5:10 ] Know yourself and know what inspires you!
  • [ 5:52 ] Joost talks about the two kinds of people in the world;  those that are motivated by positive feedback and those who aren’t interested in doing anything until someone tells them they can’t do it.
  • [ 9:55 ] Joost shares gets personal, sharing the worst day of his life and how things turned around from that point on.
  • [ 12:38 ] Every time you’re in a place of pain and resolute determination you’re becoming stronger for your future.
  • [ 13:50 ] Joost talks about contemplating quitting and how he recentered himself.
  • [ 15:00 ]  Most people live in a coma of comfort. Joost breaks down the degrees of fear and comfort.
  • [ 17:05 ] We learn some of the tricks Joost enforces when combating crippling fears.                                                                   


  • If you consider quitting at any point in life, with anything, let that thought only pass through momentarily. If you entertain those feelings for too long they will return and you will be inclined to act on them. As Joost says, “there has never been a guy that’s been on the fence about quitting that ever finished.”
  • “The hero and the coward feel the same. It’s how you react that makes all the difference.” When you live well within your comfort zone you will be more likely to make excuses to turn down any “uncomfortable” situation. When your ultimate goal is to be comfortable you will never find satisfaction.
  • When you encounter fear the best way to combat it is to have a purpose. Having a purpose and focus give you the determination, the tunnel vision, to accomplish and achieve your goals.

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