Why You Should Write A Book With Nicholas Bayerle

This week, Nicholas Bayerle discusses his new book The Modern Day Businessman. Listen to him explain why you too should write a book. Also don’t forget to check out BDB Live for a life changing experience. Timestamped Show Notes: [2:30] New Book Launch [5:04] Principle Of Giving [8:11] Seclusion Is The #1 Killer [10:10] Knowledge […]

How To Build And Sell You Business With Bill Moses

Bill Moses is a beverage industry veteran that has accrued 25+ years of business and finance experience. He is the co-founder of KeVita Probiotic Drinks which he then sold to PepsiCo. He is now the founder & CEO of Flying Embers, an adaptogenic organic hard kombucha, fermented alcohol (4.5% ABV) beverage line. Listen to the tips […]

Sell Education And Make Millions With Bart Miller

Bart Miller is the ultimate networker. He has one of the largest makeup schools with a white-labeled product, launched a booming business in e-commerce space through Amazon that does over 8 million a year and has won fitness competitions all by investing in the best of the best to mentor him. Timestamped Show Notes: [3:09] […]

How To Go From Broke To 5 Million In Sales with Nikolas Elliot

Nikolas Elliot is an amazing sales expert who went from working the sales floor to leading it. In this week’s episode, Nikolas discusses not only his journey of becoming conscious and outside of himself, but also reveals his six sales points that he uses to close a sale. Timestamped Show Notes: [2:15] Growing Up and […]

Chasing Your Dream with Chase Maher

Chase Maher is a real estate entrepreneur and podcast host with a passion of creating passive income where you can enjoy time freedom. In this episode, Chase starts out by discussing what lead to building his brand and how it all began. Later in the episode, he goes on to talk about building a life […]

Military to Multi-Millionaire With Douglas James

Douglas James is a navy hospital corpsman turned entrepreneur on a mission to change the lives of fellow driven entrepreneurs. In this episode, he discusses his amazing journey of redirecting careers and starting from nothing. Timestamped Show Notes: [1:45] Starting Stages to Success [4:45] Life in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman [13:45] Separating Personal […]

The Power of Belief with Russell Brunson

Today Nicholas shares his interview with Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels founder and host of Funnel Hacking Live. They talk about the opportunities that come with being a high-level influencer, how to be faith focused without judgment, and what responsibilities drove them both to their passions. Russell shares personal stories and experiences he’s had throughout his entrepreneurial […]

10 Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs

GUEST BLOG: Several months ago a friend of mine and face of Billion Dollar Body, Nicholas Bayerle, told me he was going to throw a mens only event that would be a game-changer. Knowing Nicholas and his wife, Amanda, I didn’t need to hear anything else – I bought a ticket immediately. I didn’t know […]