The Business Of Parenting With Amanda And Nicholas Bayerle

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In this week’s episode, Amanda and Nicholas go into detail on the importance of time management between work and kids. 

Listen and find out why having a good relationship with your kids doesn’t just automatically happen and you need to put in work to create a strong bond.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[1:34] Starting A Business Is Similar To Being A Parent

[7:36] Don’t Sacrifice Family Time For Your Business

[12:58] Having A Good Relationship With Your Kid

[15:43] Whatever You Focus On You Build Desire For

[19:03] Time Management



  1.  Sell people what they want and give them what they need.
  2. Stop trying to hit the lottery, just go out there everyday and do the things that make you successful.
  3. Find a new appreciation for moments and time.
  4. Your bond and connection doesn’t automatically happen because they’re your kid. If you don’t put in work into a relationship, it’s not going to grow.
  5. Have quality time vs the quantity of time



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