The Five Pillars of Business with James P Friel


Today Nicholas shares with us a guest that he was so pumped to have on the show. When it comes to people pleasing, when it comes to confidence, when it comes to getting your point across, and today’s guest been a master at all of these different things, he actually has a company that helps you grow and scale your business, own an asset that works for you, enjoy freedom, income, and the peace of mind. James Friel is so spontaneous and has done crazy things. He consulted the second largest company in the world, made seven figures his first 12 months after leaving his corporate job has so many more ridiculous stories.


Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 03:41 ] Spontaneity
  • [ 08:56 ] Closing The Deal
  • [ 11:14 ] Opportunity After Preparation
  • [ 14:20 ] Priorities and Flexibility
  • [ 15:22 ] Doubt
  • [ 21:48 ] Staying True
  • [ 26:59 ] Playing the Long Game
  • [ 31:17 ] People Pleasing
  • [ 36:07 ] Success in Saying No



  • There is no sure thing in anything that you’re doing right, you can dramatically improve the odds of success by just showing up and rolling with it. Louis Pasteur, the famous biologist said that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. We create our own luck, but we create through preparation. We have to keep preparing ourselves and when the opportunities show up, those two things combined, opportunity and preparation meet.  Yeah, you could argue that someone is lucky, but if you haven’t been preparing and if you don’t know what you want, where you need to be to get it, and what it will take…if you don’t prepare for success you will miss the opportunity. The opportunity is always there for the taking and that’s why it appears to be lucky.
  • You’ve got to go all in and you can’t second guess. Too often people limit their progress because they doubt what they’re doing and doubt really doesn’t serve us in any capacity. Think through what the risks are and acknowledge what you have to be careful about, weigh the options and discover what’s really important. Be intelligent about the moves that you’re gonna make. But when you’re in the process of making those moves and you’re doubting your ability to create something, the only thing that that doubt is doing is slowing you down from actually creating the thing that you want.