The Keto Diet Explained with Ben Azadi


Ever wonder what the Keto Diet is all about? Have you been following the Keto Diet correctly? Want to know what to do and what to stay away from?

In this week’s interview, Ben Azadi talks about his transition from vegan to keto, the correct laws of keto, and the biggest motivations to start.


[4:32] Starting Off As Vegan

[8:41] Getting Away From Vegan Going Into Keto

[10:00] History Of Keto

[12:50] Other Diet Fads

[14:42] Athletes In Keto 

[16:38] Correct Laws Of Keto

[21:44] After The First 14 Days

[23:48] Best Types Of Protein

[24:44]Types Of Fats To Avoid

[29:50] Biggest Motivations To Start

[34:48] Best Alcohols

[36:06] Increasing Testosterone

[37:20] Gaining Weight In Keto

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