The Science Of Sales With Justing Stephens

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Justin Stephens is a 3-dimensional businessman in our elite (which is our highest level program for men), he started his sales career at 13. 

He now has absolutely crushed it when it comes to sales building a sales pipeline and a follow-up pipeline to push people through the pipeline for massively high ticket products.

In this episode, Justin breaks down exactly how you can use that pipeline inside of your business to continuously sell and be confident in doing so.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[2:43] Getting Into Sales/Sales Training

[8:48] Targeting The Wrong Person

[13:21] Working The System For Your Clients

[16:22] Prospecting Done For You

[20:20] Process To Make A Sale 

[26:56] Activities Over Responses

[34:34] Ways To Communicate With Prospects



  1.  The entrepreneur lifestyle is all about trial and error. Not all your ideas will be perfect for the first time.
  2.  One time sales are not how you grow a business you’ve got to have recurring revenue.
  3.   No one cares who you are. They only care about what you can do for them



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