The Three Dimensional Businessman

The 3 dimensional Businessman

In today’s episode, our host Nicholas Bayerle sits down to talk to you, a group of like-minded businessmen. He shares with us what it takes to be a three-dimensional businessman, covering what you’re destiny is as a businessman and the sacrifices you won’t have to make to become successful. Nicholas talks about the key aspects that will make you successful, your personal growth, your family life and relationships, and your physical mental spiritual and emotional health.


Timestamped Notes:

  • [ 01:01 ] Go Fast or Go Far?
  • [ 02:52 ] In Brotherhood We Thrive.
  • [ 03:45 ] You are the Most Valuable Asset!
  • [ 06:28 ] Who is the 3 Dimensional Businessman.
  • [ 07:06 ] Mission and Vision.
  • [ 09:10 ] Product and Solution.
  • [ 10:54 ] Giving Back.
  • [ 15:22 ] Progress Equals Happiness.
  • [ 19:13 ] Decisions.
  • [ 23:45 ] Getting into State.
  • [ 26:08 ] Living Your Brand.



  • “If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go with a group.” Geese fly in a group with each other, setting a pace and with little amount of effort and energy end up going 75% farther than they would have gone if they were alone. As a businessman when you go it alone you have to make sacrifices, from your health to your personal life and relationships. Making those sacrifices just to maybe gain success isn’t worth it. What is success if all you have to show for it is money? What is success if every other area of your life has been neglected and is seriously lacking?
  • 50% of success is just showing up. If you are struggling in most areas of your life, you know there is someone else out there that is empowered in that specific area, they are on a high because they have had the breakthrough that you are searching for. They are ahead of you, where you want to be. So why not surround yourself with those people, the ones who have been through the struggles, in the trenches, and learn from what they have done, their successes and failures, bypass the hoops they had to jump through by observing and learning from them. Surround yourself with people who will walk through the fire with you so that you don’t have to go it alone. If you do it alone you will have to make critical sacrifices to get what you want and end up empty-handed.
  • Who is the 3 Dimensional Businessman? Number One: Have a MISSION and VISION that is greater than your product or service. Number Two: Have a product or service that provides a solution or solves a problem in the world. Number Three: Giving Back with an abundance mindset.