Unleash Your Full Potential with Anthony Trucks


Anthony Trucks is a retired NFL superstar. He is known for coaching people to make “shift” happen. 

In this episode, Anthony talks about shifting your identity, nature vs nurture, and the capacity everyone has to be great.

TImestamped Show Notes:

[2:42] Being On Point With Your Brand

[5:10] Getting Away From The Environment You Grew Up In

[7:56] Capacity To Become Great

[13:17] Making Identity Shifts

[18:30] Building Desire For People Who Have Stopped Dreaming

[22:34] Nature Vs Nurture

[27:48] Transitioning To A New Life

[31:08] Current Goals And Focuses

[35:18] Installing A Life System


  • Everyone has the capacity to become great
  • Everyone makes identity shifts whether they know it or not. It’s either proactive or reactive.
  • Wisdom isn’t having experience. Wisdom is learning from experiences. 


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