Unlock The Superpower Of Myers Briggs With Katya Varbanova


Katya Varbanova is the founder of Peri10k and one of the pioneers and experts in the live video marketing revolution. She is a viral video marketing expert business strategist. Has helped 1300 clients by helping them get to know their perfect client through personality types they attract. In this episode, listen to Katya breakdown the importance of both personal and client relationships based on compatibility of personality types.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[4:18] Who Is Katya Varbanova?

[12:20] Getting Into The World Of Myers Briggs 

[19:55] Breaking Down Each Letter

[25:05] Cognitive Functions

[32:42] Identifying Your True Identity

[39:28] Commonalities With Personality Types 

[53:21] Relating With TV Character’s Personality Types

[57:02] Compatibility Types



  1. Always see opportunities not obstacles.
  2. It’s best to work with and have relationships with people that compliment your personality type.
  3. ENFJ, ESFJ, INFJ, ISFJ personality types are considered a doormat.
  4. If you’re watching a movie and a character annoys you, it’s likely that they are very similar to you.



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