What To Focus On In Q4 with Nicholas Bayerle


In this week’s episode, Nicholas emphasizes the importance of making a plan and not putting so much pressure on the outcome of the plan.

Take a listen and see how to not get burnt out this quarter and make Q4 about your family.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[2;27] Getting Into Business In 2016

[6:56] Avoid Getting Burnt Out

[10:16] 5 Core Functions Of A Business

[15:25] Taking Your Health Back

[18:06] Final Thoughts


  • Take time to go back to the basics and what actually works, not just doing busy work.
  • This 4th quarter should be about family.
  •  Going into 2020 with all the craziness going on, this is the year to go back to the things that work and the things that you’re really great at.
  • Make your daily tasks align with what your future goals are.
  • Take “HARD” out of your conversation
  • Don’t just chop, take time to plan and focus


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