Are you familiar with the Wim Hof method?

In this episode, Nicholas interviews a Wim Hof instructor Joey Hauss talks about how he got into instructing the Wim Hof method and how breathwork/ ice baths have great benefits.


[3:54] Path To Discovering His Passion

[8:19] Picking Up Teachings From Mentors

[11:30] Experience With Wim Hof

[16:59] Creation Of The Wim Hof Method

[19:00] Showing Your Talents To The World

[21:47] Wim Hof’s Family Business

[24:44] Breathwork Positively Impacting Career

[28:12] Joey’s Goals And Aspirations

[31:36] Benefits Of Breathwork, Ice Baths, etc

[37:28] Plant Medicine

[43:25] Using Drugs Recreationally 

[52:01] Connect With Joey


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